Optical Fiber Stripper (Economy)

///Optical Fiber Stripper (Economy)
Optical Fiber Stripper

Optical Fiber Stripper (Economy)


Fast, Reliable Fiber Stripping

Product Description

Our fiber buffer stripping tools provide a quick, easy, and reliable way to remove the buffer from an optical fiber in preparation for use. A fiber guide and matched blades ensure that the optical fiber is correctly positioned and stripped each time. When removing the buffer from an optical fiber, the textured rubber material of this gripper provides a secure hold without damaging the fiber. This method of gripping is recommended over wrapping or clamping the loose end of the fiber, as these techniques can create micro fractures in the fiber.

Strips coating/Buffer up to 2350um
Self-Aligning Blade Set Assures Concentric Scoring of Buffer or Coating
Color-Coded Blades are Long-Lasting and Swappable
Foolproof, No-Nick Design


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