Large Interlock Summit


Large Interlock Summit


Interlock for Class IV Medical Lasers (Summit Laser Interlock – Wide)

A Medical Laser “Interlock” refers to a hardware device which, when activated, will immediately reduce the laser emission below MPE levels.  This device may be a mechanical or electrically activated shutter, or it may be an electrical trip of the laser system power source.  The interlock is often broadly defined as a room interlock system, whereby access controls, door or floor sensors, or motion detectors are interconnected to cause a rapid reduction in laser emission below the MPE when activated.

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Product Description

Interlock for Summit Laser Models:   (wide)


ANSI Z136.1

Information regarding the use of laser interlocks can be found on the website:

Z136.ORG is the administrative website of the American National Standards Institute Accredited Standards Committee (ASC Z136) and related subcommittees.

The ANSI Z136 Standards are the United States National Consensus Standards for laser safety.

Mechanism: push-pull connection
Environmental Temperature Range: -50℃~+125℃
Insulation Resistance: >5000MΩ
Usage: 5000 times for connection and separation


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