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All Class IV lasers require the use of specific Laser Warning Signs to ensure safety and be in compliance with all regulations when operating any medical laser.

Laser Warning Signs must be displayed and in view outside each room where the laser treatment is being performed. Additional signs may also be posted in the room that the laser is in use.

Each Laser Warning Sign mounts on walls with nail or tape.


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Product Description

Wavelength Specific Laser Danger and Laser Warning Signs.

Laser danger signs should be placed at every entrance to areas in which lasers are in use.

Laser danger and laser warning signs provide information about the type of laser being used and allow the person entering the room to take precautions prior to entering.

Laser danger and warning signs are required by OSHA and recommended by most other organizations related to laser safety.

Laser danger signs should be specific to the laser wavelength(s) being used.




Size: 24″ (w) x 18″ (h)

Item Number:       (English Version)

Item Number:       (Spanish Version) NEW

Meets ANSI recommendations for Class IV Lasers.

Contrasting colors provide high visibility.

High quality construction and materials.

Safety Tip: Universal laser warning signs are not appropriate and do not provide proper precautions for medical lasers. For this reason, we do not offer universal laser warning signs.

ANSI Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers –
Important for All Laser Safety Programs: One of the important aspects of implementing a successful laser safety program is displaying proper signage. According to ANSI Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers, laser area warning signs should be posted around Class 2M and 3R laser areas, and are required to be posted around all Class 3B and 4 laser areas. Additionally, when Class 3B and Class 4 lasers are being serviced or receiving maintenance of any kind, laser ‘notice’ signs are required to be posted. LIA provides laser warning and laser notice signs that meet ANSI Z136.1 requirements for laser safety, and can be customized to meet your laser’s specifications.


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