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    Aspen Pedestal Cart

    New Aspen Pedestal Cart! - Superior Mobility - Light-Weight - Built-In Drawer - Heavy-Duty Caster Wheels - Built-In Surge Protector - Built-In Handpiece Holder - Comes Pre-assembled - Customized to Fit the Aspen Laser - Life-Time Warranty
  • Each Handpiece for laser therapy has been specifically designed to maximize therapeutic treatments and outcomes.
  • Eye Shield

    A fully adjustable stainless steel patient eye-cup for close-to-the-eye aesthetic applications
  • Fiber Cable

    Fibers for different wavelengths with different numerical apertures (NA) as well as particularly low OH content are available Fiber length: 3m  
  • Fiber Cutter

    The Fiber Cutter provides a clean and accurate cut on the tip of a fiber Special designed for fiber surface cutting Portable, non-slip grip Application sizes: Cuts fiber200 - 800um   Specifications: Blade wide: 6mm Blade material: Carbon steel Length: 135mm
  • Fiber strippers are necessary to safely remove the buffer or coating from optical fibers Two sizes available: 200 - 400 micron size 600 – 800 micron size
  • Type: Fitover - 146mm x 145mm x 50mm
    Universal—Large Comfortable fit over Rx glasses or alone Modern look Comfort fit soft temples Superior temple coverage CE Certified
  • Interlock for Class IV Medical Lasers (Summit Laser Interlock - Wide) A Medical Laser "Interlock" refers to a hardware device which, when activated, will immediately reduce the laser emission below MPE levels.  This device may be a mechanical or electrically activated shutter, or it may be an electrical trip of the laser system power source.  The interlock is often broadly defined as a room interlock system, whereby access controls, door or floor sensors, or motion detectors are interconnected to cause a rapid reduction in laser emission below the MPE when activated.
  • Medical grade foot activated switch for safely operating medical lasers Medical electrical equipment in line with the common technical requirements of IEC60601-1 standard. Anti-oil, water-proof, dust-proof rating of IP68, in line with the standards IEC/EN60529.
  • BE SAFETY COMPLIANT WITH SPECIFIC LASER WARNING SIGNS All Class IV lasers require the use of specific Laser Warning Signs to ensure safety and be in compliance with all regulations when operating any medical laser. Laser Warning Signs must be displayed and in view outside each room where the laser treatment is being performed. Additional signs may also be posted in the room that the laser is in use. Each Laser Warning Sign mounts on walls with nail or tape.  
  • Our optical fibers are made of silica and provide a wide wavelength range, good optical transparency, excellent high temperature resistant, low absorption and reduced scattering losses. These features make it ideal for use in surgical lasers.
  • Our optical fiber cleaner effectively and quickly cleans all optical fibers. Lightweight and safe to use, it delivers consistently high quality cleaning performance.