This depends on several factors such as careful treatment, proper care, and environmental factors.

Some laser safety goggles are worn-out after only one year, while others look like new after four years.  A pair of laser safety goggles that are treated with care, cleaned according to instructions and used in a secure and non-changing setting will outlast a pair of laser safety goggles that are treated carelessly and perhaps even worn by several different people in a non-secure or changing environment.


Laser safety goggles that show any damage whatsoever (e.g. a damaged or scratched filter, color changes in the filter, damaged metal enforcement on the inside of the frames) should not be used. If you are in doubt, please contact our technical support for a safety inspection of your laser safety goggles.

Yes.  We repair frames and replace damaged filters. Contact the company and secure a return authorization for all product service and repairs.
Laser safety goggles are designed to protect your eyes against an accidental direct hit of the laser beam. They are not designed for long-term or intra-beam laser viewing conditions.
Before this question can be answered you must determine the specific requirements of your new laser (wavelength, operational parameters, viewing conditions, etc). When these parameters are known, verify that the marking on your existing pair of laser safety goggles matches these requirements. If you are not sure, please contact the company.

Always make sure that the available pair of laser safety goggles matches the requirements of your laser.